Inspire Change & Connect with Influential Figures at PharmaReg AfriSummit

PV AfriSummit aims to deliver high level knowledge to actual decision makers in Africa. We request meetings on behalf of the sponsor with pertinent leaders to develop the growth of Pharma Regulation and Pharmacovigilance throughout Africa.

Establish Expertise

  • Position your company as a leader in the African pharmaceutical market.
  • Long-Term Brand Building and Memorable Legacy
  • Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to shared values and community engagement within the African healthcare industry.

Support Regulatory Growth

  • Contribute to the advancement of regulatory affairs, facilitating quicker approvals and improved access to medicines.
  • Engage with Stakeholders: Build valuable connections with health systems, regulators, and industry leaders.

Get Involved

By participating in PV AfriSummit as a sponsor or exhibitor, you’re not just joining an event; you’re becoming an integral part of the transformative journey within Africa’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Your decision to engage underscores your profound commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and safety in this thriving continent.

This summit offers a unique platform to showcase your dedication to progress and innovation within the pharmaceutical industry. By connecting with key stakeholders, fostering collaborations, and sharing insights, you’ll contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare outcomes across Africa.

Furthermore, your involvement will elevate your organization’s standing as a pioneer in the field, setting a standard for excellence and ingenuity in African healthcare.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Shaun at to explore sponsorship and exhibition opportunities and be a catalyst for positive change in pharmaceutical vigilance across Africa.

Join us as we shape the future of pharmaceutical safety and growth in Africa.


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