Join our comprehensive two-day course on Pharmacovigilance Training, focusing on African Governmental updates for QPV.
Gain practical insights from experts on PV principles, starting PV management, regulatory frameworks, risk management, QMS, and signal detection. Real-world examples and case studies will enrich your learning experience.
Connect with speakers and professionals in the networking zones to enhance your understanding of pharmacovigilance.
Pharmacovigilance Training AfriSummit will cover topics from pharmacovigilance principles and how to start PV management in your company for local manufacturers, through to the current regulatory framework and its impact.
PV Strategy will be addressed as will risk management, QMS, and effective signal detection.
Our panel of experts will offer practical guidance throughout the course and use real-world examples and case studies to contribute to the development of your knowledge.
There will also be ample opportunity to share experiences with the speakers and fellow professionals, which will further enhance your understanding of pharmacovigilance.
Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay informed in the field.
  • PV Highlights
  • NRA Pharmacovigilance updates of African Countries
  • Quality Pharmacovigilance
  • Data Management and Ai in PV
  • Economic evaluation of the impact of PV systems and tools
  • Effective Risk Communication in Africa
  • Pharmacovigilance Conversions and the road to reliance in Africa