Position: Director of the National Center for Pharmacovigilance and Matereovigilance (CNPM)
Categories: PV Speakers 2022

Pr Nadjat LOUMI-MEDEDJEL, Director of the Centre National de Pharmacovigilance et de Materiovigilance (CNPM), is a doctor graduated from the University of Algiers, holding a Diploma of Advanced Studies from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris (France), a university degree in pharmacovigilance from the university Claude Bernard of Lyon and a doctoral thesis in clinical pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine of Besançon (France).

She took part in the creation of the CNPM with its founder Professor A Helali in 1998, whereshe has always been devoted to pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance.

Since 2016, she has introduced the concept of Phytovigilance, Réactovigilance, Cosmetovigilance, in addition to the vigilance of the drug, the medicaldevice and the vaccine alreadyestablished.

Teacherat the Faculty of Medicine of Algiers, wheresheteaches the module of pharmacology. She supervises the training of resident physicians in clinical pharmacology.

She supervises also the training of health professional in :

“Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance” ; “Medical good prescribing” ; “Monitoring plasmatic of medicine” ; “Rational drug use program”.

She is Editor of the independent Medical journal “la Revue Prescrire” since 2007.