Ms. Silverani Padayachee

Position: Senior Manager: Pharmaceutical Evaluation Management – SAHPRA
Categories: RA Speakers 2023

Silverani Padayachee is the Senior Manager: Pharmaceutical Evaluation Management at SAHPRA and oversee five subunits of quality and bioequivalence of small molecules, registration of  biological, complementary and veterinary medicines. Silverani holds a Masters in the area of Pharmaceutics with over 30 years experience as a pharmacist in various fields of pharmacy i.e. in academia; hospital; manufacturing, clinical trials; pharmacovigilance, retail; research and over fifteen years experience in pharmaceutical quality, regulation and control at the Regulator (MCC and SAHPRA). Silverani has been invited by WHO Prequalifications of Medicines Programme (WHO PQ) to assist with assessments of medicines.

Silverani has participated in various health collaboration initiatives relating to Health System Strengthening and have been invited to speak on behalf of these initiatives at International conferences such as ICDRA (International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities) organized by WHO and to also chair international harmonization meetings.

Silverani also holds a Masters in Education with specialization in Adult Education and believes that adult learners are experiential learners  and the work environment is a key element in expanding the knowledge base of any field, all that is needed is to encourage and support people to share these learnings with others. Hence ongoing training or mentorship is key in ensuring that members of her  team are capacitated to ensure current global review standards are maintained.