Position: Global Project Manager, South Africa, Import – Export Specialist, Africa Region at Oximio
Categories: meddevreg 2022

Neville is a Global Project Manager, Import Export Specialist, Africa Region at Oximio, responsibilities include the coordination and completion of all projects on time, within budget and to the client requirements. This involves overseeing all aspects of projects, monitoring and summarising progress of project and ensuring the reports are prepared key stakeholders of the business regarding status of project.

Oximio, previously known as the SMO Group, has a rapidly expanding GxP storage and services network focused on Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Along with the two facilities in serving the sub-Saharan region, Oximio also operates through a partner depot in Egypt in Africa.


Oximio in Kenya runs a Customs Bonded depot, and serves as a gateway to East, Central and West Africa. This enables cost-effective solutions and quick turnaround times in the region and substantially improves patient access to medicine, particularly in difficult to reach areas and marginalised populations.


Neville’s background

Neville entered the Clinical Supply Chain market in 2014 working for various carrier in the clinical trial sector and continues to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with local and international sponsors, manufacturers, and other key stakeholders including regulators and Research Organisations.