Position: Medicine Registration Expert - Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA) & Vice Chairman -East African regulatory Affairs Professionals Association (EARAPA)
Categories: MedDev Speakers 2023, RA Speakers 2023

Abebe Alamneh Kassahun is a dedicated professional with a strong background in the field of medicine regulatory affairs. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a Master’s degree in Medicine Regulatory Affairs from Addis Ababa University.


Currently, Abebe serves as a Medicine Registration Expert at the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA), where he plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products in Ethiopia. With his expertise, he actively contributes to the regulatory processes involved in the registration and approval of medicines, ensuring compliance with national and international standards.


In addition to his role at EFDA, Abebe also holds the esteemed position of Vice Chairman at the East African Regulatory Affairs Professionals Association (EARAPA). As the Vice Chairman, he demonstrates exemplary leadership skills and actively participates in shaping the regulatory landscape within the East African region. Abebe collaborates with fellow professionals to develop harmonized regulatory frameworks, facilitate information exchange, and promote best practices in medicine regulation.