Triumph Plaza Hotel – Cairo, Egypt


Stay in the heart of the historic suburb of Heliopolis, Cairo – Egypt. At Triumph Plaza Hotel, they offer an upscale hotel concept. You will immediately feel the essence of great hospitality since the Triumph Plaza Hotel strives to make your stay with us more comfortable & memorable.

Triumph Plaza Hotel has the ambience of a world of perfection, fine dining & glamour. Enjoy the true meaning of comfort and relaxation.

Triumph Plaza hotel warmly welcomes you with an open invitation to experience top standard hospitality at its best. Triumph Plaza hotel is a 4 stars hotel located in Cairo’s jewel, Heliopolis area, few minutes away from Salah Salem, the airport and most of Cairo’s hotspots.

Enjoy a stay like no other with unforgettable niche dining experience paired with spacious rooms, great room service, best trained staff, amazing venues, an impeccable facilities’ experience and lastly a full journey of serenity and relaxation.


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