Ms. Priscilla Nyambayo

Position: Head of Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials Division - MCAZ
Categories: PV Speakers 2023

An astute and forward-thinking Clinical Pharmacologist with 26 years of experience and a history of achievements in the regulation of clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, and post-marketing surveillance. Lead MCAZ PVCT department to obtain WHO Global Bench Marking Maturity level 3(ML3) on 27 August 2021 for Clinical Trials Regulation Oversight (CTO) and Vigilance Maturity Level (ML3) on 18th May 2023. Final year PhD student at University of Cape Town study PhD in public health vaccine safety active mHealth surveillance. The leadership in development of the Zimbabwe National Pharmacovigilance Center displays both my initiative and willingness to be involved, and the professional recognition that this body is required to meet international standards of practice. Proven experience is evident in consulting roles for PV, PMS, CTO and GCP inspections and successful management of several projects co-funded by regulatory partners such as WHO, UNICEF, Global Fund, Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Vacci Train and Blood Train, and Global Health projects. This includes co-facilitation of several GCP, pharmacovigilance and trainings of setting up AEFI Committees in Africa at WHO and/or PEI organized workshops over the years. Awarded recognition as a WHO vaccine expert. I am an advisory member of the WHO African Vaccines Regulatory Forum (AVAREF) Technical Coordinating Committee and a WHO regulatory GCP and PV consultant who co-facilitated several PV and GCP courses in Africa.