Mr. Shine Vijayan

Position: Chief Technology Officer - ACG Inspection Systems Pvt Ltd
Categories: RA Speakers 2023

Shine Vijayan is a highly experienced technology and business professional with a passion for building exceptional hardware and software products. With over 22 years of industry experience in product and senior engineering leadership roles, Shine Vijayan has developed a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and business practices.


Areas of Expertise:

With expertise spanning the entire hardware design and software development life-cycle, Shine Vijayan possesses a comprehensive skill set that includes proficiency in numerous programming languages and a strong background in agile product delivery. His technical knowledge is complemented by a keen interest in the impact of technology trends on global business practices, allowing them to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and its implications for businesses.


Product Management and Strategy:

As a product management professional, Shine Vijayan specializes in strategic planning, product development, and project management. He possesses a unique ability to balance strategic thinking with execution excellence, enabling them to identify and address customer pain points effectively. By leveraging its expertise in portfolio strategy, Shine Vijayan excels at shipping great products that not only meet customer expectations but also delight them. His current focus on product management allows the organisation to effectively bridge the gap between business, engineering, and customer experience.



Leadership and Team Development:

Having held senior engineering leadership roles, Shine Vijayan has honed his skills in team development, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation within cross-functional teams. He understands the importance of cultivating a cohesive and motivated team to achieve business objectives successfully.


Passion: Shine Vijayan is deeply interested in the impact of technology trends on global business practices. He constantly strives to understand customer pain points and provide meaningful solutions to address them. He has a good balance of strategic thinking, understanding the “what” and “why,” along with execution excellence, knowing “how” to deliver results.



  • Product Management: Shine Vijayan has a strong background in product management, leveraging their expertise to drive successful product development.
  • Strategic Planning: He excels in developing strategic plans that align with business objectives and technology trends.


  • Product Development: With his extensive experience, they have a keen understanding of the product development process, from ideation to launch.
  • Project Management: Shine Vijayan possesses excellent project management skills, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Team Development: He has a talent for fostering team growth and development, building high-performing teams.
  • Portfolio Strategy: Shine Vijayan is skilled in developing and implementing portfolio strategies to maximize product success.
  • Shipping Great Products: He is a track record of delivering high-quality products that delight customers.
  • Data & Metrics: Shine Vijayan understands the importance of data and metrics in driving informed decision-making and achieving business goals.