Position: Regional Director at Biocair Africa and India, through the South African Clinical Research Association (SACRA)
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Leonard has been involved in clinical trial logistics for the past 30 years.  He has been serving as the Service Provider representative on the SACRA since 2014 Executive Committee. Over the past 30 years he has attended investigator meetings.


He has managed and controlled large clinical trials and assisted CRO’S in setting up complex clinical studies globally with TAT from 6 hours to 24 hours temperature controlled.

Leonard has done presentations to companies on handling, shipping and storage of clinical trial medication and blood samples.  He has assisted with documentation required for shipping medication and samples.


He has assisted with the required packaging and temperature monitoring devices and ensured that all regulations are met for shipping of samples / medication. He visits investigators / CRA’s and advises them on shipping requirements / packing / handling.  He facilitated 5-day training for Pathogenic Avian flu testing for WHO /CDC and, Webinars on Logistic and Regulatory challenges in Africa for Clinical Trials.


Leonard works with various regulatory boarders to bridge the gap with regulations with permits approvals for the Clinical Trial and Pharma Industry. He is an approved Trainer / Facilitator for IATA 6.2. Clinical storage Drug facility set up (Writing Site Master file /Sops) which is approved by Pharmacy Council / DOH.


His other duties include Setting up complex trials in Africa. Leonard is involved in business development on the African continent in the industry.


Leonard is an Independent Management Consultant / Import and Export specialist.


Leonard has really demonstrated his willingness to support researchers in South Africa and abroad

over many years. Recently he demonstrated tremendous commitment to the country’s COVID-19

response by ensuring that essential vaccines made it safely to their destinations.


Leonard Managed and facilitated the Covid 19 Vaccine rollout on the Sisonke Study. He was critical in

assisting us with the districts around the Covid-19 vaccine; without his leadership and hands on management of this process the successful execution of Sisonke would not have been possible.