Dr. Rima Nsheiwat

Position: Regulatory Access and Market intelligence Strategist and Consultant - B.V. Amsterdam Medical & Scientific Alliance
Categories: MedDev Speakers 2023, RA Speakers 2023

With over 18 years of experience in regulatory access and market intelligence healthcare industry, I successfully assisted different MAHs, manufactures and companies in developing innovative strategies for entering new markets, focusing on all different market access perspective such as BD, regulatory, pricing and vigilance considerations.

Through my career in different healthcare stakeholders of which Shocair Group (Arab Drugstore, Arab Medical and scientific Alliance and Amsterdam Medical and scientific Alliance )which I served for more than 15 years which id Shocair group, I successfully established and managed different operational departments such as supply chain, quality compliance, in addition to regulatory and intelligence department, which gave me enrichment exposure to registration experience in different regions and from different perspectives. Moreover, I was part of the teams responsible for revision of different JFDA regulations, member in drug owner association, in addition to my active participation as a keynote speaker at numerous healthcare industry events, I regularly provide updates on the latest trends in regulatory affairs. Additionally, I serve as a business coach and trainer, helping companies unlock the potential of their employees through technical training and personalized coaching.

As for my qualification; by educations I`m a pharmacist with two master degrees; Public Health and MBA which both supported my remarkable achievements in different scopes. Moreover, through continuous education and commitment to unremitting learning I gained different professional certifications in different regulatory access and market intelligence fields such as quality pharmacovigilance auditing (International Colleague of London),  Professional GCC Regulatory Affairs Certificate (Dubai Pharmacy College), Certified Innovation Associate (GIMI), and Vocational Diploma in Regulatory Affairs of Pharmaceutical Products &Market Authorization (University of Jordan)


Recently, I`m working as a Regulatory Access and Market intelligence Strategist and Consultant through which I help companies to strategies their regulatory access in different countries with thorough market assessment. Support different MAHs in their regulatory projects within the region through creating innovative solution when coming to challenges faced with authority or other stakeholders. Furthermore, I create and implement effective business coaching plan for companies that positively reflected in their team achievements and increased quality of their work deliverables.