Dr. Lydia Mina

Position: Regulatory Affairs Regional Manager For The Region: METAP & UK (Middle East, Turkey , Africa & Pakistan & UK ) - ABBOTT
Categories: MedDev Speakers 2023

Dr. Lydia Mina’s impressive regulatory experience is complemented by her strong commercial background in the Middle East region. During her tenure at Merck Sharp & Dhome, she held the pivotal role of overseeing regulatory submissions for Specialty products, including Oncology, Antibiotics, and HIV products, specifically for the Gulf Region.


Transitioning to Reckitt Benckiser, Dr. Mina assumed the position of Regulatory Lead for Pharma & Health Care products throughout the Middle East Region, showcasing her expertise in navigating regulatory intricacies across various domains.


Her career continued to ascend as she joined Abbott as the Regulatory Affairs Regional Manager, where she played a crucial role in facilitating the transition to IVDR & MDR within the AMTI region (Africa Middle East Turkey & India), and eventually extended her influence to the UK & METAP regions.


Beyond her regulatory prowess, Dr. Mina also demonstrated her versatility by serving as the Sales Manager for the Psychiatry & Neurology unit at Janssen Cilag, Egypt, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Pharma companies, and later expanding her responsibilities to include the gastro business unit.


She is an esteemed member of the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) in the USA and holds a Diploma in e-CTD Masterclass from eXtedo E-Regulatory Affairs. Dr. Lydia Mina’s dedication to professional development is evident through her certifications from the Saudi Council for Health Specialists and the European Pharma Consultant group, specifically in the field of Regulatory affairs for Saudi FDA.


In addition to her extensive professional achievements, Dr. Mina has pursued higher education, earning an MBA from Warnbough College in the UK. She also holds a Diploma in Marketing & Salesmanship from the American University in Cairo and graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy & Science from Alexandria University. Her diverse educational background further enhances her multifaceted expertise in the field.