Dr. Fatima Zaid Abu Zanat

Position: Regional Director of Regulatory Affairs & Scientific Office Middle East, Turkey & Africa – Ipsen Pharma
Categories: RA Speakers 2023

Dr. Fatima Zaid Abu Zanat is an aspirational, committed, and experienced Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance (RA/ QA) professional with total of 17 years’ experience, with more than 12 RA/QA years in medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industry across emerging markets with solid scientific background in product research/ development. Significant, strategic management exposure, where she is keen on developing optimum organization through performing periodical assessments, leading transformational changes, and developing best practices across the borders.


She was recently, professionally awarded the GCC Regulatory Affairs Award 2023 for the achievement “Woman of the Middle East” . She holds RAPS Dual Regulatory Affairs Diploma and Certificate (RAC Dual) in Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals in addition to MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology. She is an active member in regulatory working groups within regulatory associations such as RAPS MENA local networking group as well as industry associations such as PhRMA MEA and formerly MECOMED. She is a licensed Basic Life Support Giver by American Heart Association and Licensed Specialist Pharmacist by UAE Ministry of Health and Jordan Food and Drug Administration.


She successfully established and managed multiple, UAE Scientific Offices for regional headquarters of emerging markets within Dubai, UAE; enabling organic/in-organic business growth. She built strong, direct channels with key, regional health authorities for continuous, shaping of the industry. She is experienced with development and management of teams on regional and global levels.


International publications:

  • RAPS E-BOOK: F.Z. ABU– ZANAT(2022). Section IV postauthorization commitments and studies: Chapter 18 Middle East and North Africa. In L.M. and P.T (Ed.). Postapproval Changes for Drugs: A Practical Guide (pp. 209 – 212). RAPS.
  • RP– LC Analysis Article: F.Z. ABU– ZANAT(2012). Ibuprofen Determination in Aqueous Solutions and Biological Samples. MedLab Magazine, 2012 (1): 36 – 42.
  • Research Article: F.Z. ABU– ZANAT et al(2011). A Promising Codrug of Nicotinic Acid and Ibuprofen for Managing Dyslipidemia. I: Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 37 (9): 1090 – 1099.


Honors and awards:

  • GCC Regulatory Affairs Award – 2023: For the achievement “Woman of the Middle East”.
  • Women of Ipsen Nomination – 2022: One of 68 nominated Women of Ipsen for 2022 and the only one from META region.
  • DUPHAT 2012 – 3rd Best Professional Poster Award: Professional Poster and Oral Presentation entitled “Synthesis and Evaluation of Nicotinic Acid and Ibuprofen Codrug for Managing Dyslipidemia by Newly Developed and Validated HPLC Method”, based on MSc Pharmaceutical Technology thesis dissertation.