Dr. Aliou Ndiaye

Position: Drug Serialization Department Directorate of Drug Approval and Serialization of Drugs and Other Health Products - Senegalese Regulatory Agency
Categories: PV Speakers 2023, RA Speakers 2023

I hold a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry (FMPO) and a Master’s degree in Health Facility and Program Management from the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FASEG).

Additionally, I have received training in the evaluation of drug Marketing Authorization Applications (MAAs) and the digitization of the healthcare system. Throughout my career, I have been involved in the digitization of the healthcare system, particularly in the digitalization of patients’ medical records, care pathways, and healthcare services in Senegal. I have also worked on situational analysis and problem-solving related to the dispensing and misuse of codeine-containing medications.

Currently, I am working at ARP, where I am involved in the implementation of a drug serialization system. I am also engaged in market control and surveillance activities.