Compliance Workshop

In an ever-evolving landscape of regulations and ethical standards, staying abreast of compliance requirements is crucial for the MedTech industry. Our upcoming workshop, “MedTech Industry Code of Ethics Updates – Compliance Guidelines from Different Regions,” is designed to provide invaluable insights into the latest compliance requirements across various regions. This two-hour workshop promises to be an informative and interactive session that will empower industry professionals to navigate the complex world of ethics and regulations with confidence.

The centrepiece of the workshop is a 45-minute panel discussion featuring esteemed experts and compliance officers from key organizations. Representatives from Mecomed, SAMED, SALDA, and a representative from the Egyptian government will share their invaluable experiences and perspectives on compliance within their respective regions.

Participants in the workshop can anticipate a comprehensive overview of the MedTech industry’s evolving ethical landscape, along with actionable strategies to ensure adherence to regional codes.

By providing a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange, this workshop will empower professionals in the MedTech sector to enhance their compliance practices and contribute to the industry’s continued growth and ethical responsibility. Join us for this engaging and insightful event and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to meet compliance challenges head-on.

Dr. Arwa Asiri

Mecomed & CVS Compliance Officer MEA Region – MECOMED

With over 20 years of experience, Arwa Asiri used her Pharma educational background and degree to launch a successful career within the Healthcare industry.
This foundational education and career sparked Arwa’s interest in the intricate interplay between healthcare technology, Ethics & Integrity oversight.

To further enrich her expertise, Arwa pursued a master’s degree of International Healthcare Leadership and Management (IMHL), from McGill University – Canada. This advanced education provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects of healthcare, equipping her with the skills to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Mr. Rob Millar

Project 18 C Lead – SAMED

Rob Millar has over 45 years’ experience in the Southern African Healthcare market covering pharmaceuticals and medical technology including consumables, specialized and capital equipment products.

He was involved with SAMED since the inception meeting held in 1985 at the then Iso-Ster offices in Isando. The meeting was attended by amongst others – Andre du Plessis (CEO of Iso-Ster and the Association’s first Chairman) and Dr Robert Bowling of J&J who was the driver behind the formation of SAMED. SAMED was initially formed as the Medical Device Industries Manufacturing Association.

Ms. Loshnee Vandayar

– Senior Manager, International Regulatory Affairs (Middle East and Africa) – Cepheid

– SALDA Executive Committee Member

Loshnee has a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of KwaZulu Natal, a National Diploma in Biomedical Technology from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as well as a Post Graduate degree in Business Management. She has extensive, hands on laboratory experience and has worked in the Medical Device and IVD industry for over 15 years with managerial positions in both Quality Assurance, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. She has been with Cepheid since 2019 and currently holds the role of Senior Manager, International Regulatory Affairs for Middle East and Africa.

Dr. Khatija Suleman

– Vice Chairperson – South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED)

– Head of Regulatory Affairs for Africa – Becton Dickinson

Khatija Suleman is a pharmacist with a wealth of experience and expertise in various sectors of the healthcare industry. She currently holds the position of Vice Chairperson of the Regulatory Committee at the South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED) and is the Head of Regulatory Affairs for Africa at Becton Dickinson, a global medical technology company. She actively contributes to enhancing and shaping regulatory frameworks that support innovative healthcare delivery and patient safety.

Dr. Dalia Adel Mohsen

Health Care Compliance Officer for Africa, Pakistan & Iran Region at Johnson & Johnson

Dalia Adel Mohsen is the HealthCare Compliance Officer for Africa, Pakistan & Iran Region at Johnson & Johnson. Dalia is a compliance veteran with over eighteen years of experience in local and multinational companies across various geographies within the Middle East & Africa. Throughout her career, she championed the various disciplines of compliance including anti-corruption, risk assessment, and investigations. She also spearheaded compliance harmonization during three different mergers, a critical role in the transition. She has extensive experience in putting corporate compliance strategies in place to secure the appropriate level of risk controls as well as establishing due diligence processes for direct and indirect engagement

Dr. Yasmin Abdelsalam

Regional Compliance Monitor, Growth Emerging Markets – Alcon

Pharmacist, worked in multinational pharmaceutical companies and currently I work in Alcon company.

My career started as a sales representative and evolved where I held many posts including district manager and product manager.

Joined the compliance world in 2018 as a compliance manager responsible for MENA region and currently I am the compliance monitor.

Joined Mecomed core committee in 2021 till now.


Alongside health practitioners and pharmaceuticals, medical technology (medtech) forms the basis of quality healthcare, The South African Medical Technology Industry Association (SAMED) was founded in 1985 and is committed to advancing patient care through medtech.

They work together with their members to build collective, objective and credible platforms to share knowledge and engage with stakeholders, and we support our members in growing a sustainable and ethical medtech industry that enhances patient access to innovative solutions.


Mecomed is the medical devices, imaging, and diagnostics trade association, serving as the voice of international medical technology manufacturers and their partners across the Middle East & Africa.

Mecomed spearheads initiatives to work closely with healthcare officials in MEA countries and coordinates efforts helping set credible healthcare standards for the region. In addition to this, Mecomed puts the core competencies of its constituent members to formulate, evolve and sustain ethical business practices.


The Southern African Laboratory Diagnostics Association is a body that represents laboratory medicine in Southern Africa and is a unified voice around IVD’s and a collaboration of multinational and local companies who distribute, supply and manufacture In Vitro Diagnostic tests. IVDs contribute to more than 70% of all medical diagnosis and can be used to decrease overall healthcare costs.

They believe that broader access to innovative diagnostic tools will drive and support the healthcare paradigm. Their association aims to lead and highlight the relevance and impact of IVD, influence patient lives and wellbeing, improve access, and propel the market within Southern Africa.

Time Topic
04:00 – 05:00 Panel Dicussion:
– Medtech Industry Insights on Compliance
– Explore The Different Regional Compliance Regulations and Code of Ethics
05:00 – 06:00 The Latest Updates from The Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practices
06:00 Coffee Break & Networking