supports African health systems to effectively and safely monitor, evaluate and improve medications throughout Africa.

The training focuses on sharing knowledge of PV systems and improving the safety of medication through feedback. The goal is to develop an effective system at the country level for the management and reporting of adverse reactions to country-wide drugs, creating safer medications for a safer Africa.

This training is intended for senior pharmacovigilance professionals who would like to improve their daily practice and better understand regulatory expectations and practical implications. It will be chaired by PV experts from Africa, Middle East, and Europe in contract research, authority, consultancy, and the industry, The aim to interactively help you better understand the daily challenges you face and hear about solutions from others in similar situations.

  1. Know how to build an effective PV system within your local company
  2. Understand how to structure the Pharmacovigilance and safety team
  3. Appropriately handle AE and other special situations cases
  4. Familiarize yourself with the principles and practice of signal detection
  5. Efficiently use PBRER and RMP to optimize benefit-risk
  6. Understand the regulators’ expectations regarding PV commitments
  7. Plan and prepare for pharmacovigilance audits